What to prepare

1. Hardware and Software Requirements

Test takers are responsible for making sure that the proctoring software works with their equipment. You are required to:

If you are not sure whether your equipment meets the requirements, please contact ProctorU support.

2. What to bring

3. Additional information

4. Special accommodation

If you have a disability or a condition that would grant you additional time that you believe should be taken into consideration, e.g. dyslexia or dyscalculia, please fill in this form. If you do not have a Google Account, please send us an email, to info@omptest.org, enclosing evidence from a doctor or professional demonstrating appropriate specialist qualifications. Requests without verifiable evidence will not be considered.

Test rules

1. Test environment, you must:

2. Your behaviour, you should:

Suspected fraudulent behavior or behavior that is not in line with the rules above will be reported to the Examination Board and may be sanctioned. OMPT reserves the right to withdraw anyone from exams and/or resits if there is suspicion of exam fraud.

ProctorU will only check for fraudulent behavior. They are hired by us to do so and do not have any knowledge about the exam itself, and don't know any details about the exam rules. It is the responsibility of the test-taker to be aware of the exam rules. ProctorU can, however, reach us during the exam if necessary.

In cases of any violation of the exam rules, ProctorU may or may not intervene with your exam. They will, however, flag and report any incidents to the OMPT Examination Board. Then if behavior is deemed fraudulent, your exam will be disqualified.

Actions and behaviors that will be flagged during an exam: 

Consequences of Exam Fraud and Rules Violation

After the exam, the examiners or invigilators write a report to the OMPT Examination Board. The Board will investigate any incidents in the report and may then impose a sanction which varies from the exam being invalidated to being barred from all OMPT exams for up to one year. 

As soon as the examining board has decided on appropriate sanctions, the test taker involved will be informed in writing of the decision. In most cases the admissions office of the prospective university will also be informed, in case they wish to take further action. If the test taker does not agree with the imposed punishment, he or she can appeal in writing within five business days.

In all cases: the examination involved will be declared invalid.